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Krusell Malmö TextureCover for Xperia Z2 (Black)

  • CDN $36.28

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  • SKU: 258878
  • , EAN: 7394090899495
  • , Mfr: 89949
  • , Brand: Krusell

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Krusell Malmö TextureCover for Xperia Z2 Features

Beautifully crafted in a textured material with a slim look of an urban protection for your device. This is a classic option for work or weekend.
  • One piece snap-on cover
  • Texturized surface which provides a better grip
  • Cut-outs for all functions, doesn’t spill over the screen area
  • Feet at the corners for face-down screen protection
  • Shipping Weight: 0.10kg

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